On Knistad golf is an obvious feature. Our beautiful 18-hole course has an accessible layout and lays in a circle around the manors area. This means that our facilities with a cafe, shop, hotel and golf driving range always is within easy distance. Why not treat yourself to a nice golf weekend, complete with accommodation and good food?


Are you new in golf we’ll be happy to help you get a green card. We offer several different options based on our popular 3-day set up. This also includes plays and loan of equipment.

Golf School

We will help you become a better golfer! All participants gets to bring home a personalized workout plan after the course. We also check your equipment custom fit.

Business Golf

We have extensive experience in corporate golf and know that it’s the small details that determine how an event is perceived. Everything is carefully prepared when the participants arrive. Perhaps that’s why so many people choose Knistad when it comes to business golf. We take care of anything you wish – from two to several hundred starters.



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T 0500-49 90 00
A Knistad Herrgård, 541 92 Skövde


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