At Knistad Manor, you always have the opportunity to have a relaxing and tranquil hotel stay. Our hotel concept is shaped around the exciting encounter between past and present. The rooms in our buildings, each with its own unique history, reflecting different eras of the manor’s 700-year lifetime. From Villa Ekeblad, where Victorian details give a sense of style and class to the Villa Hammarhjelm with its rustic and cozy atmosphere of rustic dimensions. In addition to the classic style all rooms are equipped with modern technology and comfort.

As a hotel guest at Knistad Manor you have nature just around the corner. The area is offering both loops and trails, and we are happy to lend bicycles for those who prefer to experience the landscape from the saddle.


All conference and hotel guests have access to our full equipped and newly renovated fitness center.

Borrow a bike and take a look around the neighborhood on your own, or join one of our guided bike tours. The landscape and the neighborhood offers a wealth of attractions in all seasons.

In the anticipation of dinner you can sink into a steaming hot tub bath after a full day’s activities. Our sauna and hot tubs are wood-fired and heated according to your preferences. As a hotel and conference guest you can also relax in our relaxation area.

For those who prefer a bit more adventurous activities, we have ”Göstas barn”. It was originally used as a stable and could house up to twelve horses. Today it is decorated with two floors and includes a variety of activities, perfect for a kick-off or larger groups.






67 double rooms
9 single rooms
3 suites
165 sleeps
Completely non-smoking rooms and rooms
Wireless Internet

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Contact us

T 0500-49 90 00
A Knistad Herrgård, 541 92 Skövde


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