We believe that hunting should be something more than just a nice day in the woods. To hunt with us is and should be a total experience. From the cracking branches under your feet, to the warm morning light and the smell of leaves and forest. Waiting and anticipation…

Moments like these create memories for life and places high demands on every experience. That’s why we let one of our chefs go out and cook lunch on site. We also ensure that the hot tub and sauna is heated properly when you and your party will return.

Hunting exam in three days..

We organize intensive courses, complete with food and accommodation, where you take your hunting exam in just three days.

Our test and shooting range are located in the area, which means you avoid time-consuming transport before shooting practice. You arrive on Thursday evening and check into our hotel. Dinner and lunch are prepared by passionate chefs and are made of locally grown products. Just outside the manor you practice your shooting and adjacent to the hotel is the test track. Every part of our intensive course takes place at the facility.


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A Knistad Herrgård, 541 92 Skövde


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