Knistad Manor is dated back to the 14th-century. Until 1646 Knistad was in the Crown’s possession. It was then acquired of the commandant Hildebrand Uggla, who belonged to the fourth generation of the family Uggla. Later it was the family Lind af Hageby from the neighboring farm that took over the manor. After the rebuilding the farm got at this time its present appearance. The lime trees were planted and the year was 1748.

1779 the manor was sold to Captain Gyllenberg. Two sons inherited Knistad, one of whom was called, ”the bank book holder,” was an original man. He had a special weakness for high towers, which is reflected in the southern salon murals. In the park Gyllenberg built a own tower which was 20 meter high made out of boulders. Unfortunatly this tower collapsed and Gyllenberg happened to come underneath. He was badly injured and died after some time. Some boulders still remain witness to this event.

Extensive rebuilding

Erik Israel Gyllenberg bequeathed Knistad to Nobility because no heirs existed. Tenant of the farm, Knut Akerberg, received permission to buy Knistad 1900. Akerberg was a capable farmer and keeper. The farm stayed in the family for three generations.

In 1988 the farm got a new owner and the radical renovation was started in 1989. The golf course and clubhouse (dairy) was inaugurated on June 1st 1990. The hotel and restaurant a year later, in 1991. With the renewed fourth wing – Villa Ekeblad – Knistad was recreated after the origin. For many years there had been only three wings. The third wing – The stable – originates from the 1600s as well as the main building’s tower clock, stamped 1690.


The farm was once totally self-sufficient in agriculture and forestry, animal keeper, brickworks, dairy, forge, power plants, etc. Nowadays, it consists of 1500 acres of farmland and forest. Arable land and barn were ones able to hold a herd of 140 dairy animals.

After the renovation and restoration we dispose 4,000 square meters of floor space, where large areas have been restored to their original condition. The main building’s second floor has the original flooring, ceiling and wall paintings and original doors. Old wallpaper has been produced and copied by Birgit Bjurström, Stockholm. In the old wine cellar vaults have been created and there is now an excellent wine cellar. The south wing has timbered ceiling of hand-tailored boards and a limestone paved entrance, probably from the 1600s. Today the buildning holds a changing room, sauna and a conference room.


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