Once upon a time Knistad Manor was self-sufficient. Today we are not – but it is a vision we like to keep alive. For us it is very important to have locally produced and locally grown products. Our eggs come from the neighboring farm, pork, veal and beef comes from farms around, same goes for our dairy products and a large portion of vegetables. On the menu are often meat that have been hunted in the area. Thanks to our genuine passion and love for food – combined with local produce top quality – we can boast a cuisine of the highest class.

/Fredrik Lantz, head chef.


The hospitality environment breathe manor, from the wallpaper to copper pots on the shelves and dining room kitchen in country house style. Adjacent to the dining room is our conservatory where you have stunning views over the golf course and the meadows outside the windows. We want to give our guests a feeling of home with high ceilings and wooden floors and the lovely aroma of freshly made coffee.


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T 0500-49 90 00
A Knistad Herrgård, 541 92 Skövde


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